New Hampshire's Music Scene and Life's Lessons with Jedidiah Crook

Recorded in May 2018. Manni is joined by an old friend and talented musician from the college days, all the way from New Hampshire, Jedidiah Crook (officially not just Jed Crook, as Manni learns). JC catches up with Manni about how things are up North and the two reflect on good memories. Then they discuss things like Jed’s Two Friends Tour with fellow Lounger Mark Gilday, Jr., as well as Jed’s experiences growing up in the New Hampshire music scene, and his new addition to his performance act: slam poetry. Tune in to have your soul touched by JC himself!



Kentucky Based Poetry Blogger Lola of 'Spoken Silence Poetry'

Recorded in August 2018. Over the summer Manni got a very pleasant email from a fan who lives somewhere he has never travelled to: Kentucky. Her name was Lola, and she vey sweetly asked to be featured on the show. Here we are: presenting to you, Lola, who runs a blog called Spoken Silence Poetry and is an avid poetry writer. She shares a few pieces, discusses how she started her blog, shares her poetic and musical inspirations, and tells how she heard of The Lounge. Tune in to hear Manni’s ego become fully inflated in 36 minutes!

Writing Musical Theatre with Emily Johnson-Erday and Ethan Ness of 'Harpies For The Dead'

Recorded in July 2018. Manni chats with theatre writers and musicians Emily Johnson-Erday and Ethan Ness. They discuss their travels through the musical theatre universe and specifically the new musical they’re working on, Harpies For The Dead. The premise: four strangers suddenly find themselves in the afterlife, but before getting in, they’re judged by scary Harpies and recount how they died and the type of people they were while living. Tune in to hear the music from the show and their back stories, as well as advice and tales from the theatre world.